MK-677 –




Product: 30 servings per bottle (dosage 25mg per serving)

Main Benefits:

  • Increased Muscle growth
  • Improved sleep quality
  • boosts growth hormone levels
  • Helps burn fat on a calorie deficit diet
  • Heals wounds quicker

Used for both bulking or cutting. Intake once a day in the morning or in the evening (great for helping you sleep)

MK 677 (Ibutamoren) is a long-acting, orally-active, and selective agonist of the ghrelin receptor. It is a growth hormone secretagogue that mimics the growth hormone stimulating action of the natural hormone ghrelin. Essentially this compound is able to enhance natural growth hormone secretion in subjects resulting in all the benefits that come with this important hormone including muscle growth, repair, and performance capabilities.

Initially developed for use as a treatment for muscle wasting, obesity, and osteoporosis MK 677 has been demonstrated to increase the release of several other hormones including insulin-like growth factor 1 without affecting cortisol levels and been shown to sustain activation of the GH-IGF-1 Axis and increase lean body mass with no change in total fat mass or visceral fat.

Over 12 months it enhanced growth hormone secretion, significantly increased fat-free mass, and was generally well-tolerated amongst the 65 patients in a 2008 clinical study. The results indicate that long-term functional and pharmacoeconomic studies in elderly persons could be beneficial.

MK 677 works by increasing the release of growth hormone, amplifying the signaling in somatotropic cells in the pituitary gland, inhibiting the natural release of somatostatin, and inhibiting somatostatin receptor signal pathways. All of these activities result in either a net gain in natural growth hormone or an increase in growth hormone potency.

As such MK 677 has significant potential as a growth hormone supplement and is currently under development as a therapy for building muscle mass and aiding in recovery after surgery.

MK677 is a highly effective and uniquely designed oral growth hormone secretagogue designed to enhance growth hormone secretion in subjects resulting in all the benefits that come with this important hormone including muscle growth, repair and performance capabilities. It is currently under development as one of the most effective oral growth hormone secretagogue compounds discovered to date.

This compound has currently been significantly improved upon and altered in molecular structure to represent a unique and proprietary derivative of several similar products.

This has been achieved through extensive research and development to ensure the absolute highest quality whilst maintaining the strictest standards around international product compliance and availability making our unique blends highly sought after and highly effective also!


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