This product is exclusively intended for use in research and medical contexts by trained professionals.

    Recent studies have indicated that GHK-Cu, a Copper Peptide peptide vial, possesses the ability to regulate biochemical pathways, leading to various healing and protective effects. GHK-Cu stimulates the growth of blood vessels and nerves, while also enhancing collagen presence, glycosaminoglycan synthesis, and elastin levels in both the body and the skin. It has shown promising results in improving tissue repair and healing in the skin, liver, lung connective tissue, stomach lining, and supporting the function of dermal fibroblasts. In terms of cosmetic applications, GHK-Cu has been observed to reduce facial fine lines and enhance overall skin complexion.

    The study of GHK-Cu, a Copper Peptide, commenced 48 years ago in the 1970s, leading to groundbreaking discoveries concerning its molecular actions and biological processes. Copper, a vital transitional metal, plays a crucial role in various biochemical reactions. GHK-Cu’s unique ability to bind with Copper ions contributes to its significant role in copper metabolism. The interaction between Copper ions and GHK-Cu enables the peptide to modulate gene expression and regulate human genes.

    Note: Products are for laboratory research use only. Not for human use consumption.


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